Xian Ru Fei Fei, Singapore, 2015, 98 min Fei Fei works as a parking lot assistant but dreams of becoming a singer. She enters a talent competition to sing the songs by the legendary Feng Fei Fei, her demented father’s favorite singer. Royston Tan’s film captures the sweet nostalgia of changing Singapore, captured in the […]

A Girl at My Door

도희야 July Jung, South Korea, 2014, 119 min, K-16 Female police officer Young-nam’s efforts raise hatred and bigotry when she tries to help a teenage girl. Domestic violence, patriarchal traditions, prejudice against sexual minorities and power relationships in the rural countryside form the background for the escalating events. Eija Niskanen When buying 5 or more […]

Ecotherapy Getaway Holidays

滝を見にいく Shuichi Okita, Japan, 2014, 92 min Seven women are on a weekend hike to a famous waterfall, when their male guide gets lost in the woods. But, as the in the beginning not so friendly seven combine their knowledge and skills, nothing can harm them. Okita has created another gently smiling film about friendship […]


해무 Shim Sung-bo, South Korea, 2014, 111 min, K-18 Memories of Murder (2003) co-writing collaborators Shim Sung-bo and director Bong Joon-ho return to work together on Haemoo, this time with Shim as the director and Bong as the producer. The true story of a fishing boat resorting to human trafficking to survive the hard times […]

How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)

พี่ชาย My Hero Josh Kim, Thailand/Indonesia/USA, 2015, 80 min, K-16 American Korean Josh Kim made quite an effort to adapt a Thai bestseller book into film: he even learned the Thai language. 11-year old Oat and his big brother Ek, who faces the army draft lottery have to survive and grow up on the fringe […]

Jia Zhange, A Guy from Fenyang

Jia Zhangke, um Homem de Fenyang Walter Salles, Brazil, 2015, 98 min Jia Zhangke, the central contemporary Chinese filmmaker gets an enlightened discussion in this documentary, where the camera travels to Jia’s hometown, to places familiar from his films, juxtaposed with interviews with Jia’s collaborators, including his main actress Zhao Tao, juxtaposed with passages from […]

Journey to the Shore

岸辺の旅 Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan, 2015, 128 min, K-16 A wife is visited by her dead husband’s ghost. Together they travel to meet people they used to know, also delving into their own past as a couple. Spirits and humans live side by side in this stylish Un Certain Regard winner at Cannes. A subtle notion […]

Mountains May Depart

山河故人 Jia Zhangke, China, 2015, 125 min Mountains stay but people move. However, that their feelings stay the same through ages might be one of the messages of Jia’s latest film. We see our characters, with Tao as the central one, living through three times – 1999, 2014 and 2025 – and the changing China and Chinese. Eija […]


華麗上班族 Johnnie To, Hong Kong, 2015, 117 min Behind-the-scenes relationships and internal secrets are buzzling under the surface in the company Jones & Dunn, about to go public in stock market around the fatal year of 2008. All this in gorgeous, almost Brechtian musical directed by the master Johnnie To. Eija Niskanen Buy tickets to […]

Right Now, Wrong Then

지금은맞고그때는틀리다 Hong Sang-soo, South Korea, 2015, 121 min Film director Chun-soo arrives in Suwon to attend a talk event on his films. While sightseeing, he meets a girl, goes to see her paintings, and joins a dinner party with her friends. The two-part comedy of manners interprets the same events from different viewpoints with an […]

Shoot Me in the Heart

내 심장을 쏴라 Mun Je-yong, South Korea, 2015, 101min Soo-myung is a timid patient at Soori Hope Hospital where little hope is available. Everything changes with the arrival of Seung-min, full of rage, energy and mischief. The following odyssey of craziness, friendship and guts is a visual treat and an emotional rollercoaster galore. Leena Eerolainen […]


Zabaltegi Remton Zuasola, The Philippines, 2015, 96 min When a young father’s son is kidnapped, the father finds himself immersed in a moral conflict. One way of getting his kid back is to commit a crime, but is he ready for that? Remton Zuasola’s film invites the audience for a thriller-like journey of trust, morality […]


ཐར་ལོ |塔洛 Pema Tseden, China, 2015, 123 min Tharlo is a shepherd, living with his sheep. One day he is told by the police to get an ID and a photo for it. Before that he is advised to go to a barbershop. The hairdresser is an attractive young woman. Tibetan director and author Pema […]

The Actor

俳優 亀岡拓次 Satoko Yokohama, Japan, 2015, 123 min Photo: ©2016″The Actor” Film Partners Takuji makes his living as a bit part player in movies and TV dramas. His free time is devoted to drinking – until he meets a woman. It is time for Takuji to move to the center stage of his life. With her […]

The Case of Hana and Alice

花とアリス殺人事件 Shunji Iwai, Japan, 2015, 98 min, animation Cult director Shunji Iwai’s animated prequel to his 2004 live fiction film Hana and Alice is a beautifully realized and tender growing-up story of two school bullied girls, who try to solve the mysterious events of their school. Eija Niskanen When buying 5 or more tickets, it’s […]


Sho Miyake, Japan, 2015, 64 min The next generation of Jay-Zs is brewing in a small Japanese flat. Creating a perfect tune is serious business that needs lots of energy drinks and laughter in this chamber rap documentary that put together five rappers from different Japanese ensembles. What results is a sympathetic journey of music-making […]

The Island Funeral

Maha Samut Lae Susaan Pimpaka Towira, Thailand, 2015, 105 min Pimpaka Towira, Thailand’s foremost female director puts her three characters on a road trip from the politically turmoil Bangkok to the similarly restless and heavily militarized southern province of Pattani. The poetic, documentary-style aesthetics is built around Laila’s search for her missing aunt. Winner of […]

Three Stories of Love

恋人たち Ryosuke Hashiguchi, Japan, 2015, 140 min, K-16 Love lost, love aspired, love rejected. These are the different sides in longing for love that Hashiguchi studies in his story of three unrelated, but slightly intersecting lives. Hashiguchi, a master in depicting human relationships, has created perhaps his greatest film. Three Stories of Lovereceived best Japanese […]