Helsinki Cine Aasia 2016 thanks filmgoers and supporters – join us next year when we celebrate our fifth year running!

Helsinki Cine Aasia 2016 attracted over 1,300 festivalgoers. In addition to film screenings, the traditional festival club drew j-rock fans to Dubrovnik. The festival, which was organised now for the fourth time already, has established its place as one of the most awaited for film events of the spring season.

Helsinki Cine Aasia 2016 opening film was Hongkongese Johnnie To’s mold breaking musical Office. In addition in the programme there were films from China, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand among others. A special focus at this year’s festival were Korean films.

The biggest crowds were drawn by Mountains May Depart by Jia Zhangke. The career of China’s vanguard director of the moment was also examined at the festival in the documentary Jia Zhangke, A Guy from Fenyang.

The exceptionally varied offering of Korean films ranging from light-hearted comedies to more serious dramas also attracted crowds. The Japanese films were also as popular as before in Helsinki Cine Aasia’s history. Shuichi Okita was once again one of the festival favourites with the sold-out Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday. Other crowd-pleasers among the Japanese films were for example Satoko Yokohama’s The Actor and Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Journey to the Shore.

Filipino director Remton Zuasola attended the screening of his autobiographical film SWAP which is shot with just one take. Zuasola was kidnapped when he was just two years old, and he wrote the script for the film on the basis of interviews with his relatives and others who were involved in the events at the time.

Helsinki Cine Aasia’s festival club J-rock & Asian Pop Galore! Was bursting with energy as FÆK took to the stage with j-rock covers and their own metal rock songs.

Helsinki Cine Aasia which is focussed on bringing the best of contemporary East and Southeast Asian cinema to the big screen in Helsinki will be organised already for the fifth time next year. To mark the special year, the festival will bring a fresh selection of Asia’s most talked about films to Helsinki for everyone to see.

The organisers would like to thank all the festival-goers and all our supporters. See you next year when we celebrate five years of Helsinki Cine Aasia!